official portrait Giovannino Montanari

Giovannino Montanari was born in Terni (Umbria-Italy) in 1954. He does not follow his family's steps, especially his father's, a physician, who dreamed for his son the same job. He only loved anything that had to do with beauty, art and color.

It was in his maternal grandmother Adelina's fabric store where he received the imprinting: the trans-lucent silks, the satins, the damasks, the drawings with the brightest colors were the background of his pastime as a child, that, being a creative, turned them into games.

He began painting, working the raw material since he was a teenager, moving on the canvas his dreams and his rebellious mood.

He was already a self-taught artist and the artist, as Botero says, must look at the world with a critical eye, if you want to be really creative, if you agree with the world the way it is, you remain still, the more you criticize, the more you rebel, the more you create.

He created stylized figures that open to the world happy to be there, totally free with open arms like the wings of seagulls.

Thanks to these inclinations, his love for traveling and for visiting distant countries he was able to make a profession from this: he was an Alitalia steward, thereby he became a world citizen. India, Australia, South America became like a second homeland because he accepted to move there for long periods of time.

And then different languages were mixed up with the colors, the scents of the lands he saw and observed with the curious look of the traveler enriching , day by day, his knowledge and his attitudes.

He continues to paint driven by imagination, following the language of colors and the color that he uses is a way of giving and receiving joy at the same time, but this is one of the tasks of art. The Masters of the past knew it well! His personal thoughts on the world then led him to participate in important humanitarian actions beside prominent personalities of the Italian political scene.

He returned to his hometown and moved to Cesi, a medieval village near Terni, where he lives in the country house owned by his family.

He was accidentally noticed by Giuseppina Travaglio, art gallerist from the cultural association “Zoe” and “Artekné”, who saw one of his paintings and pushed him to exit the anonymity. She writes about him: "an occasional and unexpected encounter, art wanted another leading actor ... in a completely fortuitous way, I was struck by this very material work, but made lighter by a few still strokes, made by a young boy and held in a corner as a souvenir of his youth. Anonymity will not last long because Giuseppina Travaglio pushed him to start painting again, organizing for him important exhibitions.

The art network then opens other doors and Montanari is known and appreciated by the prestigious Association “Italia Arte“ managed by Guido Folco and Elisa Bergamino, head- quartered in Turin, Italy. He begins to travel again, but this time he is accompanied by his canvas and important exhibitions will take place in Italy and abroad.

sculpture uomo bambino e il cane